4 Signs Of Depression

Depression is a mood disorder that affects a person’s routine functioning. Unfortunately, there are more than 350 million people all around the globe suffering from this disorder. This can grow into a serious condition, where patients will attempt suicide too. Depression is often not identified as you might think you are simply feeling down for a few days. However, if it continues, you need to see psychiatrist immediately before it’s too late. So here are some of the signs of depression.

Enduring sadnessWe all feel sad and down at times, however continuous long term sadness is a sign of depression. You may feel a sense of utter hopelessness, where you may think that your life is meaningless which then leads to the unwillingness to live. How this differs from the usual sadness is that, even though a mentally fit person is unhappy, he does not halt his daily routine, however depressed people find difficulty in functioning in their daily routine. If you seek medical help in the earliest stages, you could get rid of it in no time. Also, try meditation or yoga to calm your mind so that you could think straight and no longer feel unwanted.

Self-loathing attitudeYou will start blaming yourself for everything that goes wrong and then ultimately start hating yourself. The key to good mental health is first of all, loving yourself. You need to accept yourself for who you are and strive to develop your strengths and overcome your weaknesses and bad habits. Do not let depression take away your self-confidence. You would also be feeling dissatisfied, frustrated and guilty of underachievement.

Loss of interest in all activitiesThe simplest way to stay happy is doing what you like. Be it may a hobby such as gardening, dancing, singing etc. or even your job, you need to love what you do. Depression will distance the individual away from everything he likes, giving him ample more time to dwell upon his problems and sadness. Hence, if you are feeling down, watch a movie, dance, sing, maintain a scrap book or engage in any activity you like. This will help your mind relax and restore again. This may also be since you went through an unpleasant experience. Consider trauma counselling Melbourne if so.

Short-temperedness and isolationYou may not be willing to move around with people when you are depressed. You always try to stay alone and isolate yourself from your social circle. Also, even the slightest mistake would irritate you so much, that you would be so short-tempered. Your friends and colleagues may not accept such behavior of yours.

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