Taming Your Temper

We all have emotions and use them to express our feelings to our family, friends, near and dear ones. When we are happy we smile to let the worlds know you are happy. In extreme sadness it is hard for you to control your tears, they are the form of expression that you heart has felt an ache. Similarly, there are other emotions also where we express it to the outside world. When you are irritated and angry then you raise your voice immediately to convey the message to the outside world through harsh and louder voice.

When this anger reaches uncontrollable limits anger management should be resort to as a way to get it cured. The process in which the person who is getting angry is made calm and more relaxed to lesser the anger is the way of treatment. You need to control or tame your emotions so that you do not become unwanted in the society. People around you will stop interacting with you if you show any amount of disrespect towards them unnecessarily.

Through counselling you can get rid of your temper which leads to unwanted situation in your life. Anger is something that leads to many health problems also. You might have your blood pressure raised suddenly which may lead to sudden cardiac illness. So, it is better that you tame those emotions which can lead to mental or physical sickness.What exactly you should do when you are getting angry? There are a few tips which are written below. If you follow this then you can lesser your anger. Visit this link http://www.wallacepsychology.com.au/ for more info on couselling services Perth.

Start counting from 1 to 10

Whenever you see that your temper is just going out of your hand start counting those basic numbers. This will help you divert your mind and help you to cool down quickly.

Start breathing slowly

While getting angry just relax and breathe in and breathe out slowly. In this context it may be said that longer breathing sessions lead to lessening of anger levels in human beings. So if you want to control your anger, then you can practise breathing exercises on a regular basis and see the magic happen.

Look at the mirror

It may sound weird but when you are getting try to look at yourself in the mirror and see how you look when you shout at others. The next time you shout you will recollect the ugly you and definitely you will not go further with your temperament.

Recognise the source of anger

There may be a particular reason to get angry. Try to find out the reason and try not to be present in that situation. In this way you can avoid being angry.Thus, these above ways may help you to control your anger and help your to stay calm in the long run.